still shot from the video for Blood Diamonds
still from the Blood Diamonds video

While this blog has been quiet for a while, it doesn’t mean the Aquariphone studio has been silent. In the past few weeks I finished a new song called Blood Diamonds and am waiting until the video is complete so I can release them both at once. Since my last single got a lot of attention, I’ve decided to put some promotion dollar behind this project and am contemplating a very small Kickstarter campaign to fund it.

The song continues in the sonic tradition of my last few singles… nasty guitars, dreamy synths, heavy drums, and anthemic vocals. Blood Diamonds deals with the relationship cycle, solitude, and the zig-zagged process of finding one’s true self in the storm of it all.

The video is coming along with the very talented Maureen Boyle handling some intense motion graphics. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that the  Blood Diamonds video is my most ambitious by far and I’m very excited about it. I need to shoot a lot of footage outdoors and I don’t want to be bundled up or have there be snow on the ground, so, like the rest of Chicago I’m waiting rather impatiently for spring to show herself in her truer of forms.

I’ll post an update or two as things progress. Until then you can see my previous videos at the video page. Take care and talk soon!




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