Breakdown at Creation

I originally recorded my song “Breakdown at Creation” circa 1995, and shortly after I created a 3D-music video to go along with it. You’ll need red/green glasses for the full effect.

While you can find that video on YouTube, you won’t find the song anywhere else. “Breakdown at Creation” was going to be released on an album called “Silver Nitrate” that never went into production because I ran out of cash. Truth be told, I had been designing an adult website for a client (I was young and needed the money) and when I delivered the site one day after the deadline, they refused to pay me the back 50%, which would have been more than enough to cover the manufacture of compact discs and college radio promotion.

Fast-forward to 2022 and I’ve got this killer song laying around that I never released. What’s a boy to do? Recreate it from scratch with 27 years of experience under my belt, that’s what. I’m also pulling in the incredible Kate Schell to sing backups as well as split the bridge vocals with me. SO psyched to record with Kate again as we did with the Airport Hookers songs.

While the song is predominantly sung in English, I chose to sing the second verse completely in French. I took a pass at this today and created the video below.

It’s momentous for me to finally be finishing this song- and to also have a clip of my singing this part, as you can see me singing the same part in the 3D video above when I was the tender age of 24.

I remember hearing that physics breaks down when you attempt to calculate conditions through the past, closer to the “big bang”. The phrase “All Equations Breakdown at Creation” came into my head and I realized that I could apply it quite well to a quickly-declining world. From a lyrical standpoint, I feel this song connects more in 2022 than it would have in 1995. It’s abundantly clear our society is crumbling and there’s no way to fix it using the system that created the problems in the first place. Humanity is evolving too fast and there’s no time for our models to keep up. But this collapse is necessary for the new and better societal models to emerge.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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