sushiWell look at that. A little three year gap in my online journal. I’ve got no excuses really. So what has awoken me to finally pen another entry? Raw fish. Yes, sushi. I wanted to talk about my dinner the other night.

Most of the time I eat too quickly. Probably to the point of rudeness. I’m in such a hurry to get food in my stomach that I don’t take the time to savor the food itself. Sorry foodies (and the majority of international cultures). I’m trying to get better.

The other night I had sushi with a friend and it dawned on me that sushi is my favorite food. Trying to understand the mechanics underneath my appreciation for it led me to a few realizations.

There is a process to eating sushi that encourages me to slow down and appreciate the flavors and textures of it. Pick up chopsticks. Remove a piece of the roll from a plate in the table’s center. Lightly dip said combination of rice, fish, and other ingredients in small dish of soy sauce. Bring the food into my mouth and chew slowly. Put down chopsticks on plate. Let go with a peaceful sigh. Take a few moments for conversation, maybe a sip of my preferred Coca Cola pairing, then repeat the process. I eat sushi as one has to. Bite by delicious bite.

Obviously I could approach any food this way, and I’m going to make a task of it. For some reason I find sushi has to be eaten this way.

If you’re curious, I usually have one California roll, some Dragon action and then get more adventurous with the other few. Salmon, Tuna, Crab, what-have-you.

Good stuff, I say. Good stuff. And if you’ve never tried it, well my friend, you’re missing out. Do yourself a favor and Google your zip code and the word SUSHI!

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