It’s about 97 in Chicago right now. That’s pretty hot. To add a little drama, the weather service recently introduced the “heat-index” which weighs in humidity to measure how hot the air feels on the skin.

But it really means nothing and probably makes us think we’re hotter than we actually are.

When the newscaster gets on and says “it’s 97 but the heat-index makes it 106” we all go “Man! 106 degrees is really hot” because 106 to us means 106. Think of it this way… if we had always had a heat-index, 106 wouldn’t sound like a big deal at all, because we would have been experiencing heat-indices in the mid-100s every summer. It’s basically what we call mid nineties with lots of humidity. Whatever. If you don’t understand by now, there’s no helping you. Go get some lemonade and shut up already.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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