I’ve written poetry for years, but had never read it aloud before this weekend. On Friday, I had an event at Esquina Chicago to celebrate the vinyl release of my Listen Every Day album, and to read selections from my Platypus Letters collection, which I printed out and distributed to the crowd.

I feel that Platonic Solid Poetry is one of my greatest contributions to the world. It seems that everybody makes music these days, but creating poems with syllable structures based on shapes that appear in nature seems novel to me.

Anybody that knows me knows that my life has undergone bold transformations lately (as a result of events intentional and very unintentional alike). My “Esquina Eve” set of poems chronicles my “coming home” and landing on my feet as one journey comes to a close and a new one begins.

I often map my experiences onto Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey,” wherein the protagonist leaves the comfort of his regular reality, goes on the adventure of a lifetime, then returns to his community to share what he has learned. The event I had at Esquina this weekend celebrates my safe return to this reality. Thank you to everybody who supported me during my journey, and all who came out to share this homecoming with me.

Why do I bother writing poetry based on the mathematics of nature? Read my explanation here.

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