Day 3: A Song from Childhood

For Day #3 of the Vocalo Song Challenge, here’s a song that most reminds me of my childhood.

I spent the first five or six years of my life at 526 Hermitage in the picturesque suburb of Deerfield, Illinois. In the basement was a treasure trove of vinyl which I’d listen to on the regular. Mostly Beatles & Stones, along with other sides from British Invasion acts, and some folk records from this side of the pond. I do not remember ever having a copy of Diana Ross’ “Theme from Mahogany”, but this is the song that brings me back to that time.

I remember the greenest of summer grass, running around the small neighborhood adventuring (gleefully unsupervised) with my neighbors / best-friends Jeff and Brad Norling. There is a palpable sadness- and beauty- to the lyrics of this song, which I can only assume I was hearing on the radio in 1975- meaning I was only… four years old?

There are lots of memories I have of living at this address. Some great memories, and some not so great.  These events shaped me, and this song was the bittersweet soundtrack for many of those old stories.


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Can’t Stop The Now...

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