The solo project here is this new age jazz/techno fusion stuff, and surprisingly turns out to be an anti-arrogant effort. A little experimental throughout by using mainly calm sounds instead of the clamorous guitars that the industry has us so accustomed to hearing. Road Star defies the popular rankle and enlightens listeners into what they are missing out on.

Steffey’s strict instrumental “Worlds Tallest Building”, and “Road Star” prove to be the best tracks on RS – not that the lyrics are out of shape, because they’re not, it’s just the album’s variety simply gives you the option of hearing what pleases the individual. If you want gooey yuck- it’s on there. If you opt for parody, judgments on others environmental living, or good times- he’ll say that too.

The lyrics are formatted in choppy patterns “She was great at sex but she never gave me subtext” (“Grow Crazy”). See? Comical at times and sappy at others. “It was just yesterday I remember when we tooled down to the wharf to take that helicopter ride as I fingered hearts into the spirals of your hand” (“Tread”).

The vocals are throwback seventies, and found to be the biggest disappointment- you are either going to love this guy’s voice or you’re not. Not that early 90’s baritone Eddie V. coined- this is more of a Geddy Lee range, but when you take into consideration that William Steffey’s doing everything by himself here, there has to be a flaw, after all nothing’s perfect. It’s nothing you won’t be able to get over.

This CD is basic all-together fusion, it’s a very well organized variety of guitar, sax, loads of synth, and drums, and anyone into this new age jazz stuff should add the CD to the collection- there’s something for everyone on here, maybe not a hit, but who cares? We are all up for hearing something fresh!

-May Wiseman

Can’t Stop The Now...

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