This Show Must Go On

140 character attention spans. Social feeds ripe with propaganda from all sides. A nation ripped in half. Sometimes I want to become invisible- but I know love and compassion are the keys to healing our society. Shit, they always have been. When it seems the hardest to reach out across our ideological divides, it’s the most important time of all.

This Show Must Go On is a quiet anthem for these times. Originally appearing on my Love and Armageddon cd, I reworked the track to bring it into 2017 and the adaption reflects some emerging trends in my style. Last week I decided to add this song to my open-mic repertoire, so this new recording is rooted in acoustic guitar with strummed open chords, just like I would play on stage. Also, I’ve wanted to try stripped down arrangements. The main vocals have no effects on them. I can’t think of a song of mine that doesn’t have a drum kit going on in it. What would happen if I just left it out? This song has a little percussion here and there but no drums. I’ve been playing a cool little video game called Memoranda lately, and I’m enamored with the music and sound design. I’d like to try my hand at sparse, emotive arrangements and I’ve begun here with this today.

Are you ready to do it?
Dance on through it?
Can you feel me now?
Ooh babe- this show must go on!

Can’t Stop The Now...

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