I met my friend Andrea several years ago at a bar named Darkroom. It’s not there anymore. Our first conversation went to some interesting places. She mentioned her recurring seizures and I mentioned suffering from bipolar disorder. What I found interesting was that both of these conditions are often treated with the same medication, namely Clonazapam. Our talk continued and I began to worry- what if my new friend had a seizure while we were talking. She laughed and said “Just roll me off my back” then countered “What if you become manic and have delusions of grandeur?” I told her “Take my autograph.” A great basis for a song. Scattering Platinum is about a few things, not the least of which being accepting people at face value. My favorite lyric from the song is “when our flaws fold inside-out, we’ll climb into the stormy night…” I was very proud of coming up with the name of the song. So visually appealing. A week after its release, my friend Alessandra got in touch and reminded me that her website from years prior was called Scattering Platinum. Ack! The name had been bouncing around in my subconscious for so long I thought it had become my own idea! I apologized for the larceny and thanked her for coming up with an excellent song name.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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