Ya know- I really do my best to keep my ranting to a minimum. I guess I should know what I’m getting myself into when I go to McDonalds.   I went there for lunch, and got one of ‘dem extra value meals.  No big deal, right?  Well, anyhow, I’m doin a little work here, and I look over and there’s the cup I got earlier with my meal.  I notice there is a ‘Nestle’s Crunch’ logo on the cup.  So I thinks to myself… what da heck is a Nestle’s logo doing on a McDonalds cup?  What kind of deal do they got goin with a chocolate company.  I start to spin the cup around to find out.  I don’t find out.  I do find out that wrapped around one medium sized cup, they got the other following 9 logos:

bigcupHanes… 1-800-Send-FTD… Walt Disney Records… AT&T… Disney Adventures… Chevy Tracker… Kodak… Disney’s Tarzan… and of course, the only somewhat necessary logo: McDonalds. Ok.  Now… I got a rootbeer today to go with my meal.  If I went through that damn drive through for the expressed reason of: buying underwear… sending flowers… purchasing music… ordering phone service… buying a god damn car… buying photographic equipment, or hints on what movie to see, I might be in business.  But I wasn’t.  I just wanted a rootbeer. The real sick thing is that it took me several hours to realize my cup was a cylindrical billboard ten times over, which likely means I was being unconsciously branded for the past few hours.  great. i gotta get outta here. maybe go catch a flick. get a candy bar. something.

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