Many people have asked me recently why I haven’t updated my journal. I’m not sure why. I’ve been pretty busy with the Love Song For Kyrie Snow radio promotion stuff, while at the same time writing tunes for my next album Romance of the Spaceways. But still… I could easily find time to write more journal entries if I really wanted. That’s like saying “I haven’t called you because I’ve been really busy.” which is usually a load of crap as well. Who doesn’t have 2 minutes to pick up the phone, you know? Eh.

So I scramble now and try to think of something creative to write in here. What’s been on my mind lately? I can’t say. I don’t know. Mostly lovely girls in sundresses. God are they beautiful. And during the summer they just come right out of the woodwork. They disappear during the winter. It’s as if they fly south or something- I can’t quite figure it out.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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