Pond5 / Darjeeling [reboot]

I’ve been submitting material to a web portal called ‘Pond5‘, where media creators can download music tracks and video for their projects. This involves going back to my song masters (where all the instruments are still on different tracks) and remixing 20-30 second instrumental clips. I’ve uploaded about 6 songs, and 3-4 variations of each. I’m also permitting people to make use of the (vocal) album tracks in their projects if the spirit moves them.

darjeeling screenshot

Today I decided to start working on making clips out of my 2007 song “Darjeeling”. I opened up the master song file in my workstation, and all the audio tracks were there, but since this was recorded 8 years ago most of the effects I used are no longer on my computer. I had to apply new effects and remix the song from scratch. I was also able to touch the vocals up a bit.

What I began to realize was that this new mix sounds a hell of a lot better than the 2007 cut that was on the Romance of the Spaceways album. While I’m not going to release this new version officially, I am going to make it available for free download on Soundcloud.



Can’t Stop The Now...

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