Over the past few months, I’ve added an enormous amount of routine to my schedule. In addition to a sizable uptick in my freelance work, I’ve been hitting the gym three times a week, brushing up on my Spanish almost every day with the DuoLingo app, meditating for 10-15 minutes a night, and, last but not least, have begun to floss regularly (thanks, Pavel!)

Between the flurry of new activity, and tending to the production of Reality Jockey (and preparation for the launch party!), I’ve dropped the ball on my weekly newsletter, and for this, dear readers, I profusely apologize.

I feel as if I may have let a few of you down, as the metrics suggest the lot of you have been opening the email pretty regularly since I began sending them in February of 2017. I’ve been making a lot of personal progress as a result of these new activities listed above, and am obviously trying to find a balance between everything. Thanks for opening this, and thanks for sticking around!

I am committed to returning to the regular schedule with new, action-packed emails every Tuesday at 9am CST. In line with any decent mea culpa, I’ll add some extra-specials for subscribers only.

*** if you’re reading this on my blog and are not signed up for my email blast, you’re clearly missing out! Enter your email address below and climb onboard already!

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