Last Tuesday I had planned to go to Smashed Plastic to listen to the test pressing of my Reality Jockey record, but earlier in the day there was a fire at the coffee roaster in the neighboring space. SP told me to come around 4pm instead. Shortly before I was getting ready to head over there, they called to let me know they pressed a copy and checked it out. Side A sounded great! Side B, however, was from a different artist’s project altogether! There was a mixup at the plating factory in New Jersey and they had sent over the wrong plate. Topsy turvy world of rock and roll, I say.

After some FedEx’ing, the correct plate was sent, and I’m scheduled to go in tomorrow morning at 9am to sit down and take a listen myself. If it sounds good (and I have no reason to expect otherwise), Smashed Plastic will fire up the presses and finish the run. I was told the records need to cool off for a few days before they can go into the record sleeves / jackets. I’m planning on picking up the shrink-wrapped finished products early next week. I will make an update to this post tomorrow after I visit the pressing plant. Stay tuned, friends!

Can’t Stop The Now...

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