Sometimes I think we’ve all been poisoned. I guess we are in many ways. Affected certainly. The culture. It’s stretch doesn’t match the fabric of humankind. There are some things going on that are just plain wrong. Advertisement decals on the floor of the supermarket: that is over the line. The fact that in radio ads they include disclaimers that are read a million miles an hour… what’s the point there? Nobody can understand them— so why are they there? And then on television they make the credits very small and run very fast sometimes. Nobody can read the names, so, again, what’s the point?

There are lots of things about commercials that piss me off. They often use phrases like “for that special someone”, “for that holiday party”, “for those hard to clean stains” Who let them into our lives? They don’t know the first thing about our thats and thoses. Stay out of my ‘that’, I say. Else soon I’m going to be chainsawing the head off “that special advertiser who annoys the hell out of me”.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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