It’s 3:33 A.M.  I can’t tell you how much I dig those numbers. There’s something that strikes me about them.  I almost always see the clock when it’s 3:33.  Or the dramatic 3:32.  I admit, sometimes, I just miss it, and see the gentle dénouement of 3:34. Whatever.  It’s also on my license plate, 333 is.  I just finished work on a prototype nature keyboard.  It’s pretty cool, but still in development.  Despite its simplicity, it’s still a milestone- so I feel pretty good laying down to sleep tonite.   Sorry again for slacking on the journal, but hey.  quit yer whining and go play with the keyboard already.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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RECORDING MAGAZINE: Stop Listening to Worry

Artist: William Is (feat. Deon Malik™) Title: Stop Listening to Worry Genre: Post-Rock Rating: 5/5 Equipment Ableton Live 11 Suite, Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII, Focusrite Scarlett


Con un ritmo muy garage rock, que por momentos, se vuelve un poco punk, Grow Crazy, está listo para darte el empujón que necesitás tener en éste

Call the Pros

There are drawbacks to being able to do everything on a recording! I started appreciating the concept of collaboration only after the mid-2010’s when I