Evolving Artist: Roadstar

How on earth do you label a CD that sounds out of this world? This is the question any reviewer will face when brought up against Willaim Steffeys brilliant “Roadstar”. Is it electronica? Well, no, not quite. Is it rock? Uhh…maybe, if you’re definition of rock is somewhat vague. This album is what it is: unique. And like everything unique, it’s not for everyone; the intrepid explorer will thrive on Steffeys’ new territory, the more reserved listener will feel lost in a world of poetry and prose; not able to find a footing to hold the ground of Steffey’s soundscape. But that will be their loss…for this CD is a goldmine for the intrepid music aficionado.

11 songs dwell on “Roadstar”. If you’re not into synth embellished “NIN” propositions, this album may not be for you. However, I recommend a listen because this is the true undiscovered artist. Words are powerful, they can shake your every movement with vibrancy, and the proof is in the pudding as they say. There is free downloads available at Steffeys’ website which should be hoarded upon like lost treasure with the one map in your hands. Go find this gold album.

I feel his voice sounds like Ben Folds, but less tongue-in-cheek. And the lyrics are like prozac to the poetically depressed: “When you hate the world, do you still love me?” he sings on “City of Heroes”. To a different speil, I think William should experiment more with his music while sustaining his free flowing poetic nuance. Maybe more of a less formulaic feel to the songs would benefit us all; in other words, let the music flow as free as your hyper-charged lyrics pour out.

Again here is an album which should be heard and might never be. I consider myself lucky to lend my ears to such an effort, and I recommend anyone else to do the same by visiting the website. 🙂

I give this album an 8.5 out of 10 on the evolution scale!

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