Bottlecaps and Postage Stamps

Last night I had a dream that a demon was hiding the Virgin Mary in the walk-in closet of the master bedroom in the house that I grew up in. It’s odd because Christianity is not my maiden mythology and my dreamscape rarely speaks through its archetypes. In any case, there were ghosts in the dream that were

looking under bottlecaps for postage stamps

It’s very short but it makes for a great lyric. Probably will eventually end up in the same song as:

we were just big eyed deer near the hum of strange highways

because both phrases seems to fit like pieces of a puzzle strewn out over years (the latter lyric was written on 12.10.01, originally commenting on the deafening silence on the afternoon of 9.11) So this actually makes the length of time between the two phrases just 12 days short of a decade. Yes, some songs take a decade to come to life, apparently.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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