I’m having a hard time with this album, and I guess I’m going to have to tell you why (it’s kind of my fake job). On one hand I love what William has done on this record. He has seamlessly blended a few different kinds of electronic music (namely House, Ambient, and Downbeat) with pop guitar melodies. The songs musically, are very strong and have outstanding production (the album was produced by William himself). It’s even hard to but a comparison up against these songs… it seems very original and fresh. But my problem with the album is quite a big problem. Williams voice and lyrics aren’t really what you would consider “strong”. Well, actually I take that back. It’s not that he can’t sing, because he can, but I just don’t feel like his voice fits the music. Steffey’s voice sounds like it was more made for the acting stage rather than the musical one. If that seems harsh, I don’t mean it to be. It just doesn’t seem to flow with the rest of the music. With all that being said, I really think you should keep an eye out for this name. William obviously has tons of talent when it comes to songwriting and production. I just think if he had someone else singing his songs, they would take off and be all over radio and even MTV.

By Jake Haselman

Can’t Stop The Now...

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