I started my ‘100 Days of Writing’ 7 days ago. It’s taking a little while for me to get back into gear writing short stories. A few of the days I spent the hour just documenting what I’d done during the day, just sort of trying to run the clock out. But the rest of the time I found myself beginning my writing with something that happened that day, but then having it morph into a bloody absurd tale. So far I have the makings of one short story that is in dire need of some editing attention (where did that 1st person narrator go 1/4 of the way through the story?) The story is very loosely based on one of my new songs. My hope is by the end of the 100 days to have one short story to go along with each of the songs from my upcoming album.

On the other side of our kitchen table, Maureen is rocking the “100 Days of Code” by learning the finer points of the computer language known as Python.

In case you’re wondering about the nonlinear checkboxes on the calendar, Maureen came up with a spreadsheet that randomized the days to make for a more exciting design. 93 days to go! Let’s see what we can come up with…

Update: Day 7 was hard. I spent an hour typing out a stupid story that made no sense and had no real ending. It’s frustrating, but it’s all part of 100 Days of Writing. Some days are just gonna suck. To be fair, there was one small part of the story that was cool enough to transplant into a different story.

I’ll blog again next week with my progress. Thanks for reading!

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