This past weekend, I met up with my friend Bruce Callow at O’Hare airport. Bruce was on a layover between his native Calgary and Costa Rica which he has called home for many years. Interestingly, although we’d been in touch over the past decade and a half, we’d never met in person and we’d only heard each other’s voices through the vocals on the songs we’d pass back and forth!

Bruce was responsible for getting my music onto the 12 Radio Cultural stations in Costa Rica, as well as 8 community radio stations in Nicaragua. He’s also a great singer/songwriter in his own right as you can see by his most recent video below, “Take Me Home”

We sat in the lobby of the O’Hare Hilton munching overpriced sandwiches and chatting about a range of things, from our families and jobs to sync licensing and shady ‘pay to play’ operators in the industry that prey on aspiring artists. The funny thing was, neither Bruce nor myself could remember how we originally met back in 2002!

It was great to put a voice and a face to the emails. It was a treat to finally meet Bruce in person, and I hope to make it down to Costa Rica to visit him soon.

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