Sigmund and Pandora (6:38)

Across his Austrian desk
The candlelit papers rustle the winds of tortured past
And the words assigned
To what cannot be described
Would rip apart a nation

The rev of the engine roar
Half the western world aboard except one
Certain generation
Timetable ripped my watch has stopped again
So when so when will phoenix fly again?

The 6502 and microwave
Only bring us faster to the same old empty answers
As the abacus and fire
There are no new books worth reading
For they’re all the old in different tongue
Lines prescribed to fit the time to feed the hungry masses

Across the marble cliffs she danced
The box tucked neat between her arms and breast
Temptation’s breath comes from the west
What strong world could shrivel with the softest peek?
One curiosity based motion…

Pen falling, Sigmund wipes his brow
Hinges creak, Pandora takes her peek

And the world came crashing down
And the world came

Danielle Schneider [backup vox]
Renee Chester [violin]

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Rough Draft



Danielle Schneider, Renee Chester

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