City of Heroes (2:53)

APPEARS ON: Roadstar (2023)

So you’ve mastered the metaphor game
And now nothing on earth is the same
It’s only time but its critical

It’s only time

Like the movies you swim in your dreams
Grin devoid of your critical fiends
When you wake up your role’s been cast out
The old flick’s back: the one that’s built to lose
But its only time

When intelligence and lust turn to wisdom and love
You’re on the escalator through the ether up above

When the white limos come out to play
And the license plates spell out the way
You’ll know its time its inevitable
You scare me girl
Like my worn-out seaside melody memory
You can’t dodge the past like you can’t dodge gravity
But you can learn to trick its spin
It’s only time

And if you believe its all too good to be true…

Schizophrenia heights is a commuter town
This life we used to chalk around til I felt your flower unfold
And I remember
(I remember the silence)
Your arm clutching mine
(The cress of soft belong)
Up the escalator ride
Through the ether to the dome
My Synchronia
My Synchronia
My Synchronia…

But until that time
All static aside
When you hate the world do you still love me?

David R. Torrey [Mastering Engineer]

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David R. Torrey

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