Cartography by Candlelight (4:19)

Doesn’t it bug me
The way I’m so true
Doesn’t it bug me
The way I’m here for you

It’s in the code
The winds I listen to
Doesn’t it bug me
The way that I love you

The way that you drug me
I’m gum on your shoe
Like a cat these tunes
Dead birds I bring for you

But you’ll never know
The dark you’ve lit me through
The accidental candle
On Elizabeth avenue

Cartography by candlelight

Counting curves hug me
In the back of a truck bound and gagged
Listening for bridges rumble- anything
To find my way back where I began

It doesn’t bug me
The burn of rope, the grain of sand
No it doesn’t bug me
Cause this spy’s life
Is all I’ve ever had

Cartography by candlelight

Lena Pavlova [Russian voiceover]

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