UK Student Radio Featured Album: Romance of the Spaceways

The lively opener ‘Moongirl’ welcomes before ‘Taste’ greets with its smooth house groove feel, accompanied by dark and echoed vocals that breakdown into brief melodic choruses. ‘Sanctury’ is a lo-fi dubby character that starts off seemingly dark but in the end is actually uplifting. ‘Molly Molly’ a possible radio favourite with its injection of fun and infusion of toe tapping goodness. It changes yet still on ‘First Time Caller’ with broken unsteady beats that portray a break up and the lyrics “we kept fixing what kept breaking but soon fell far behind” depicting the frustrating helplessness of it all. It all ends with ‘You Put Me Under’ which is definately one for the pre-July 1st smokey blues bars with its Jazzy leanings tipped with electronic sparks. Overall Steffey is a talented multi instrumentalist who has delivered a versatile fusion of electronica and deep rock, bringing to the table his spacey vocals full of emotional longing.


Can’t Stop The Now...

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