Pace Press NYC: Romance of the Spaceways

Feeling down and need some good music to enjoy while drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter day? In love or dreaming your days away? William Steffey’s Romance of the Spaceways will whisk all of your problems away. The music featured on his CD can basically be categorized as soothing rock with unbelievable lyrics.

After releasing Roadstar, Steffey became an international hit. In 2005, he released Love Song For Kyrie Snow, which CD Baby, an independent music store, claimed to be “a modern rock masterpiece”.

It seems that Steffey’s new CD, Romance of the Spaceways might be another “masterpiece.” The music is somewhat unrealistic, as if from outer space with unrealistic and mystical cover art to match. The music puts you in a setting that is not of this world.

The songs, particularly “Moongirl,” take place in galaxies or “spaceways.” This is Steffey’s imaginary world where people fall in love, live, and break up. Steffey calls out to this mystical moongirl singing “moongirl- it’s been a lonely century, lull me with the motion of your tide. Help me find tranquility in time.” These, and other beautiful lyrics give the listener a euphoric feeling. Giving people optimism and hope through his music and “spaceways,” is what Steffey is all about.

The CD fnishes with another great dimension in which one might also exist. When listening to the album you can feel yourself moving into this alternate realm. When listening to “Sanctuary”, I couldn’t help but daydream about what these spaceways would look like as if I flew through them.

Romance of the Spaceways tells a story as mystical as the place in which these songs take place.

-Karina Gyadukyan

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