Pace Press NYC: Roadstar

As soon as I popped this disc into my CD player, I immediately knew I was in for an incredible experience. “Roadstar” is absolute magic. William Steffey’s voice is sometimes soothing, sometimes aggressive, but always powerful. The most impressive aspect of Steffey’s music is that he plays every single instrument on all eleven songs. His musical style combines rock, pop, and electronica with a dash of jazz and some very inspired songwriting.

In “City of Heroes,” Steffey exclaims “When intelligence and lust turn to wisdom and love, you’re on the escalator through the ether up above.” Some of the best songs on the album are “Ashland,” “Tracy Seems,” and “Diabetic.” The rhythm to most of Steffey’s music is so catchy and melodic that listeners will not be able to get his songs out of their heads for days. Grade: A-

Luis Vasquez

Can’t Stop The Now...

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