I had never been too involved with politics until recently. Sure, I’d vote for president, governor or mayor, but was never too concerned with local reps and midterms. I must admit, that in the last presidential race, I was energized by Bernie Sanders. Excited by the idea that a candidate could run a grassroots campaign without taking any corporate money, which I feel is the biggest problem with our system today. Years ago we would read stories- scandals of bribery in politics. We don’t use that word anymore, because corporate lobbying has become so prevalent. Politicians (who will be on the way out) believed that corporate donations were a necessary evil. There was no other way to run a campaign. Until Sanders came around and fought a hell of a fight with millions of donors contributing an average of $27 a piece. Finally, I thought, a politician who is going to enact policy based on their own moral compass and the needs of his/her constituents.

For the past 8 months, I’ve been working to help get Sameena Mustafa elected to U.S. Congress to represent the 5th District of Illinois. I got her website up and running, and helped do audio and edit the video I’m going to share with you below.

With all the crap that’s going on in the White House it’s easy to get discouraged. But take a look at the thousands of new blood candidates, running on wonderful platforms. We’re going to get the country back on track, work to achieve worthy goals, and make corporate donations a thing of the past.

Research your local candidates, and vote for the women and men who are willing to work for you and not corporate donors. Get out on Tuesday, March 20th and make history.

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