I dreamed tonight that I was in a trick shop having a plaster mold made of my teeth. Now fully awake, I still can imagine a bit of the moulding material wedged between my bottom teeth on the back left side.

…To stop and wonder what you’re doing anything for… that is the tar of the undertow. My nose begins to run, and in a flash of schizophrenic terror I believe the liquid to be blood.

The truth is there are hyper-evolved beings all around reaching out to lure us from the dark sea of ignorance. Reaching out to dance with us through new dimensions of sound, color, and light. But hear this: the human race must be thought of as a singular organism. Each person is a cell in the larger ‘body’ of humanity.

We dance with each other verbally in metaphor and physically in body language- always leaning toward the light source… and always in accord with the universe. No twitch is accidental. No itch or scratch is generated without cosmic consent, and the resulting physical motion will send invisible waves of energy across a room where somebody will adjust their hat in response, a girl kitty-corner will laugh, a waiter will set down loudly a plastic tray, two spoons get dropped into two large plastic tumblers of water, and a chef rings the bell in the kitchen.

I think about writing more, but I also think about having to work tomorrow. I also think about sleep. Ultra-consciousness is a drug and I’m a hardcore addict. But as the ego is allowed to dissolve, intelligence matures to wisdom and the wine of life is savoured and not abused. Ultra-consciousness matures to consciousness. Balance is achieved.

And remember- if you get lost in the woods: there are angels everywhere.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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