RPM Challenge: Day Thirteen

Today is day 13 of the 28 day RPM Challenge. Yesterday evening, I finished song #5 which is currently untitled. The intro and verses have a cop-show kind of groove going on, and our protagonist has suffered a few rough days.

Originally I thought I might just release all the songs at the end of the month, but I’m starting to feel that most of the tracks are a little undercooked. Many of the song parts (verse, chorus, bridge) don’t flow into each other as naturally as they could. It’s a bit more involved for me because I’m usually juggling 20+ different parts at once, as opposed to a straightforward “guitar, bass, drums, vocals”. I like lush production and it’s hard to do in 48 hours.

I will do the best I can given the time constraints, and turn in my cd of the songs to RPM at month’s end. Then I will go back, song by song, and nurture them into better productions overall. Then I’ll probably pick my favorites and put them out as an EP.

Looking forward I have a few lyrical ideas to work with. A snotty street kid who becomes a loving mother. A giraffe’s talent agent. And then there’s the last resort set of lyrics about ‘dibs’ on parking spots in Chicago.

I’m excited as today I should be receiving a new keyboard via UPS. It’s a little 49 key M-Audio Oxygen which has much more control functionality (read: knobs and buttons) than my current midi controller does. I hope it helps me to unlock a bigger palette of sounds.

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