They say the economy is bad right now. That’s why our newscasters make millions a year and our athletes make even more. The economy’s real bad, isn’t it. The Illinois budget is so tight, Mayor Daley asked city workers to work for free a few days each year. There’s just not enough to pay the city workers. Of couse, if Illinois didn’t give 40 million dollars to horse racing parks there might be a little more floating around to pay its workers. It’s okay… the City of Chicago is not the only employer that’s encouraging work for no pay- the New York times today reports that employees at WALMART stores in six states said managers ordered them to clock out after their eight-hour shifts and then continue working.

What fool is going to work for no pay? The fool that’s afraid he’s going to lose the only job he can find, that’s who. Bullshit accounting and skewered reports of the economy continue to increase the gap between the rich and the poor… so much that people are starting to work without pay. Really. I mean, can you imagine if a company tried to pull that ten years ago? I mean it’s unthinkable. It’s past the point of bullshit. It’s a bold example of the growing egregious violations of civil rights that are getting worse on a daily basis. Osama bin Laden and friends are encouraging us to ‘tighten our seatbelts,’ but their attacks are nothing compared to the long-term damage being done by an unchecked corporate America, on top of the difficult-to-reverse civil rights slights being set forth by our own executive branch. Who’s more powerful? Who’s more dangerous?

Can’t Stop The Now...

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