Hey there! I hope everybody is faring well in these tumultuous times of the Coronavirus. I appreciate that we are very lucky that both myself and Maureen are able to work remotely, and that we’ve found ways to make sheltering-in-place both productive and rewarding. There’s so much news, I’m not even sure where to start.


In just about 24 hours, my 20/20 singles collection will hit all streaming services. It’s got 13 of my best tracks from between 2001 and 2020. Each day, I’ve been chatting a bit about the story behind each of the songs. I’m not really used to ‘putting myself out there’ in this regard, but I found the process to be very fun. I manage to get across a good amount of information, and manage to get in some weird / humorous stuff along the way.

I start by talking about the last track on the album (Want It All) and work my way up to track one, which I will record and upload tomorrow. Since this is my first time doing anything like this, I got the hang of it over time, so the most recent videos are more fun than the first few.

I’m happy to say that Chirp Radio has been playing songs from the album throughout March, and I even cracked the bottom of their Top 50 chart- which was a goal of mine for this project. Honestly, my goal was to rank in the top 10, but we take what we can get.

Last month when the Blood Diamonds single came out, everybody who pre-saved the song on Spotify entered to win a t-shirt, featuring Theo the Robot (our fine hero of the music video). We just shipped those shirts out a couple days ago, along with hand-sewn face masks to encourage folks to be safe when it’s necessary to go out in public.

Good news for you! If you pre-save the 20/20 Collection on Spotify, you’ll also be entered to win a t-shirt and hand-sewn mask. Between you, me, and the fencepost, not too many people have signed up yet, so you’re odds are not bad.

Also in the mix (but too much to include here) is the premiere of our Blood Diamonds video, as well as my blossoming book project, “Time is a Fine White Lie”.

Thanks for reading! I’d like to hear how you are finding yourself in these unprecedented times. Feel free to reach out at williamsteffey@aquariphone.com and let’s talk.

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