Sorry I haven’t written for a week.  I’m trying to get disciplined here.  It’s not like there isn’t stuff in my noteboook from the last 4 days- in fact- I did write every day, but it’s not the kinda stuff I’d like to put in here.  Mostly trying to figure out where to go with this site.  It took me a while to decide if I should make reference to this website at all in here.  I guess I just did.  I’m not even writing in a notebook right now.  I’m actually typing on the spot.  In any case, I’m trying to figure out what musical material to include in the site and what not to.  There are so many issues that come into play here.  I felt initially that I should include most of my material here.  150 or so songs are good enough that I’d feel comfortable putting them online.  The pro to this is: a pretty darn comprehensive collection of my work. I feel that the web presents an excellent opportunity for me, in that I can now ‘frame’ all of the songs I’ve done into albums, whereas before I didn’t think about ‘albums’ as much as just songs.  So I now can arrange everything neatly into about 12 albums, make cool sections for each album, and then make awesome pages for each song… then sell the CD’s for everything on Did I get to the con’s yet? The con’s are… a user swamped with a choice of 12 albums (~150 songs) is NOT going to be able to savour the work at all.  There’s just too much stuff, ya know?  If the presentation is limited to maybe two albums, I think the surfer (this means YOU) can take a little time to soak up the songs.  This is the idea behind the elaborate pages and graphics for each song.  Each song has its own little world.  Eh- I don’t yet know what to do.  So many options.  I may have everything on the server, and have only 2 albums visible at all times:  SILVER NITRATE (my most recent) and then an old one randomly chosen.  Maybe it would change monthly.  Then there’s the other option, which is ‘fuck all the old stuff’ and only put the most recent stuff online.  I’m pretty mixed up about this right now, which means ‘just wait’.  Things like this work themselves out amazingly over time. 

The other issue that could be at hand underneath is the idea of letting go of my old life.  Moving on from things.  That’s so fucking tangential that I’m not going to go into it because then I’ll never come to any conclusion about this song allocation issue at hand here on earth!  Wait- does that imply I’m not on earth?  Ha. I have to admit, I do edit the other entries.  This one is not edited- I’m just kinda rolling with it.  I’ve got a CD playing and it says “there is no middle ground or that’s how it seems.”  Oh, sometimes things get so overwhelming, don’t they?  It’s relaxing to not edit.  I don’t feel guilty at all editing stories or songs, but I did feel guilty about editing the journal entries here.  It was a bit of a moral issue for me, because I felt that somebody reading it may assume that it was unedited.  Another quality issue for the site, I suppose.  Drivel vs. Content.  interesting.  This implies that drivel is not content.  Hm.  Better stated, the issue could be Form vs. No Form.   interesting… cos now that implies that No Form is not a type of Form, which is not true either.  Abstraction… Free Association… these are types of form.   No Form is Form.  Welcome to the Zen of artistic expression.  Pull up a chair, folks.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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