RPM Challenge Overview #1

Today is day 5 of the RPM Challenge, which encourages artists like me to write and record 10 songs during the month of February. I’ve been working my butt off and getting some great results. I was a little concerned about the writer’s block I’d been experiencing for the past months. I would sit down to write and could only come up with one lyric at a time. It used to be that I would sit down and craft a whole song. I blame Twitter and Facebook for this two sentence problem.

But lo and behold, on February 1st, I came here to my favorite coffeeshop and scribbled out what would end up being “Stay Up Later” which talks a little bit about depression, but has an uplifting message. Jump to my Day 03 Update and hear the (almost) finished track. Tomorrow night, Anne Kay is coming over to sing backup harmonies on it, and then it will be complete. I met Anne at the Lizards open mic, where I first heard her wonderful voice. I’m looking forward to having her on this recording!

I’m trying to do a song every 2 to 3 days in order to have 10 by the end of the month. I’ve started song two, which is called Shangri-La and is going to feature Traci Weingardt on bass (and possibly backup vocals, too). I have the words done (except for the bridge) and the music is coming along steadily. To hear what I’ve got so far on that, check out the Day 04 Update.

Last night I watched the Super Bowl with a few friends and ended up closing the bar. This did not bode well for a productive day, but I’m starting to get my groove back finally (at 7:30pm) so I expect to work on Shangri-La more tonight, as well as write out Anne’s backup harmonies for Stay Up Later.

Thanks for following along!


Can’t Stop The Now...

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