6:28pm. My computer is on the fritz. Can barely run any applications. I did a defrag (fine), virus check (negative), and emptied my 60GB recycle bin. Seems to be doing a tad better now. Might be bringing this box in to get checked out. Could be the hard drive is getting weary. I’m going to attempt to launch my audio workstation and cut the length of the bridge to Famous Bones in half. It’s way too long.

Oh! I bought one of these today:

It’s an AKAI MPK Mini MXII. I can now be ‘that guy’ at the coffeeshop. It hooks up to my laptop via USB. The audio workstation I currently use (SONAR X1) is PC only, so I’ll have to find a new program for the Mac. Ultimately, I’d like to switch over to the industry-standard ProTools which will run on both platforms. I figure I can keep all my files in Dropbox (or something similar) and work on any given song wherever I go. That’s a bit further down the line, though. In the meantime, I’ll find some freeware for Mac that allows me to record midi, so whatever I make I can export as a .mid file and bring it into SONAR which is my home base workstation. Garageband would be the perfect solution- but it will not export midi. Damn you, Steve Jobs.

In other news, I decided that I’m definitely going to do 10 songs for the RPM Challenge, but it may take a handful of days more than 28. I’ve decided to post each day until I reach song #10.

To wrap, here’s what my draft for song #3, Famous Bones, currently looks like:

That’s it for now. Hopefully my ‘puter will behave and I can get a good day in tomorrow. Thanks for following along! Feel free to leave cheers / jeers in the comments section.


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