11:16am Back at my local coffeeshop. I usually come here for a few hours right after I wake up. For about a week I couldn’t stop listening to ‘Stay Up Later’, but now (thankfully) I can’t stop listening to ‘Shangri-La’. I’ve decided to swap out the lyric “kicking back sublime” to the much neater “leasing out cloud nine”. The idea of ‘cloud nine’ is a little trite, but I think the idea of ‘leasing it out’ makes it novel. And there’s an ethereal quality to cloud nine, moreso than that ‘kickin back’ business.

Ok. So, today when I get home I’m going to go to town and finish up Shangri-La. Traci (who did the bass on it and with whom I’ve decided to split the writing credit) also offered to do backup vocals. Not sure there’s going to be room for those but we’ll see.

Before I leave here today I’d like to work a bit more on the lyrics for The Remedy, Famous Bones, and maybe Let Yourself Be Perfect. I earlier slated “Bullets for the Wake” as song #3 but, against the general idea of RPM, I may scrap that entirely. The music is lame and, well, maybe I use the words somewhere else down the line. I tried to put lyrics to the music and it came out very strange-feeling and kind of inappropriate (I feel, at least) for the topic of gun violence in the USA. I’m also sensing hesitation about Let Yourself Be Perfect. I think I can get the idea across in a couple lines and have it be a zinger, rather than spending 40 lines talking about the same shit. Dunno. Not going to worry about it for now.

I have to start music today for a new song and I’m not sure which. After sculpting The Remedy and Famous Bones I’ll see which one offers more rocks-off-ed-ness. Thanks for tuning in, and I expect to add to this post later in the day with (hopefully) two audio tracks. As always, feel free to start a flame war in the comments below.

4:53pm Ok. So I got home about 5 hours ago to sing and found this guy cutting concrete directly below my window.

Not ideal for recording vocals. I tended to some other aspects of Shangri-La until the chaos passed. I am now done with the track minus backup vocals I’m going to ask Traci to do. I am utterly exhausted. The amount of focus I just applied non-stop this afternoon was ridiculous. I am still hoping to start work on a new song tonight, but I am fried. Please enjoy Shangri-La, which I consider to be one of the best crafted songs I’ve ever done. I’m going to try and take a nap.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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