Hey! I’m doing the RPM Challenge again this year. Write and record 10 songs within the 28 days of February. I’ll be doing daily updates and this is day one.

2pm: I was a little worried about lyric writer’s block going in to this but I just sat down and wrote the skeleton for song #1. Tentative title is “Stay Up Later”.

I have lots of trouble sleeping at night, and last night was no exception (think 4am). I’m pretty groggy and negative when I get up, but I’ve found I just have a different schedule than whatever I think ‘normal’ is. My body clock starts to rock later in the day than most. So far, one of the messages of the song is to just stick to your own flow. Sleep if you need it, just stay up later!

Here’s what I’ve got for lyrics, and this will probably change by the end of the day:

Right now I’ve got to go and work on some other stuff, but I plan to start mapping out some music in a few hours. I’ll update this post again in a bit….

6:49pm…  I spent a few hours in my studio working on a project for somebody else, and I needed a break from the room. I came back here to the coffeeshop and have been sculpting these lyrics a little bit. I’m hoping to include an audio file of my progress every day, but am thinking I might not put any music down tonight. We’ll see. Here’s where the lyrics are:

Incidentally, I’ve been using Google Keep for all my lyrics and other planning documents for RPM and my new album. I switched from Evernote, because Keep has more storage (and it’s free!)

This may be my last update for today. We’ll see!

9:21 pm

In no time I’ve come up with some great chords for verses and choruses. Lyrics I finished up as far as they can go before I put them to the music, (when they will invariably change up a bit to fit). Here’s a very rough clip of what I’ve got so far. Great progress for day one! If every day goes as well as this….

…continue to hear the progress of RPM Day 02

Can’t Stop The Now...

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