You died in an airplane crash last night while I was in deep sleep. I was sad but not ruined. A flight attendant in her earthly blues gave me a small green soft plastic nightlight with your name on it. I picture it still glowing about a foot off the hardwood floor of my bedroom. And this is how I remember you.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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“Tread”, il nuovo singolo di William Is è un brano Indie Rock melodico e allo stesso tempo tagliente grazie al buon lavoro delle chitarre che

Why “IS”?

After releasing 16 albums and 13 standalone singles, I permanently closed the lid on the William Steffey catalog. William Steffey’s swansong was the single “Sparkle”,

DEATH OR DESIRE: Antarctica [NFT Remix]

Introducing William Is with the latest single “Antarctica” [NFT Remix]. William Is: the new incarnation of Chicago multimedia artist William Steffey. His music production career