There are going to be either 5 or 6 tracks on the Kid Ghosts EP. The dreamy/fluid song Curse of My Desire is the one being mixed as we speak by John “The Junkman” McJunkin out in Arizona. Then there is a very classic ‘WS’ sounding synth / guitar hook extravaganza called Wonder whose master file suffered a corruption problem. Luckily I did have a 99% finished mix of this song before I lost the ability to get at the individual tracks. While I’m not able to get in there and mix this track as well as I could have, and re-recording this multi-layered monstrosity of a pop-tune is out of the question, I have decided that it’s fair game to release it with a little bit of mastering. The remaining three songs: the title track Kid Ghosts, the moody-as-all-get-out Quiet Whales, and the upbeat 4-chord slammer Digging Me Up were all mixed down in the past few weeks. I became so attached to my mix of Quiet Whales that I decided to spend my time at Kingsize Audio Labs not mixing it, but rather mastering what I have already come up with. My engineer /producer friend Mickey Barendt (Allman Bros., Donovan, et al) listened and has given me a few tips, including boosting the vocal tracks slightly around the 1.5k range to make them sit a little better in the mix.

I’m really excited for you to hear these songs, but to date have stuck to my rule of not posting them on Facebook or linking to them on Twitter before the release of the album. I see so many bands putting up stuff at every stage of the game, and it totally takes away from the splash of their ‘new’ album when they finally decide to put it all out.

There are a few factors keeping the exact date of Kid Ghosts’s release in limbo, but the general idea of “early 2012” still sounds good to me.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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