Kid Ghosts: Healthy Delivery!

I only had to wait until about 11:30am for UPS to deliver the five boxes. I opened up one and took out a cd, mostly to make sure that all of my graphics and typesetting fit properly on the packaging (it did!). I have gone through the process of opening up the first batch of a new cd many times over the years, but this was the first time I was just plain awestruck of the way the cd packaging looked. I mean… this thing is slick. I thought I had a pretty good idea by the templates how it would look, but I never thought too much about how all the panels would feel together in three-dimensional space, and function as a cd, cover and booklet.

I have a few excel spreadsheets with all the Kickstarter contributors and their addresses, and have printed up all the mailing labels. I am extremely excited to get these all out but I still need to wait until next week because the ‘commemorative pins’ won’t be ready until late in the day on Monday. I wrestled with a few different designs for the pin, but most of them were just either my name or the album name against the floral tattoo background I’ve been using elsewhere in the materials (and Karlie has been using on her back). While these ideas very much kept in line with the feel of the album, I didn’t feel that the pin designs were really that ‘commemorative’.

While looking at the button vendor website (Busy Beaver Buttons in Logan Square) I noticed an option they had for 1″ buttons that blew the landscape wide open. I had to modify a certain graphic of mine to make it jive, and uploaded the graphic to their system. I know I’m being a bit ambiguous about all this, but it’s on purpose. I want to keep the ‘hey- that’s pretty cool’ factor high for when my donors open up their mailers!

The digital download pages for the $5 and $10 donors are online, but I’m going to release the login info on the same day that the other contributors should be receiving their packages in the mail. I’d like to have everybody get everything at the same time.

Thanks again to everybody who donated!!! To be honest, I got a little misty when I saw the finished product. I’m very proud of it. Album #10 and fully supported by my friends and fans. You are the rockingest!!!

Can’t Stop The Now...

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