Inches from the presses!

Hey Everybody!

I’m this close to sending the Kid Ghosts project off to the manufacturer. Because of the great response to the fundraiser, I’ve been able to go with a 6 panel digipack case (template shown). This gives me enough real estate to print lyrics, which I like to do whenever possible. There was also room for me to include a photo of myself, which was taken a few weeks ago by Alessandra Santucci and Marfa Capodanno. We shot the picture in Wicker Park right outside the blue line station, coincidentally right in front of where my Grandpa used to run his produce shop. We also shot a few pictures inside a nearby bar, one of which I’m using for my 4×6 postcard bio which will go out to radio and press. Because I’ve got the luxury of a little extra space, it’s taking me an extra week or two to get the new graphics in order. I am dying to show you guys the artwork and the photos, but I’m keeping them under wraps until release, just like I have the music itself.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all the people who donated to my project, without whom the album would not have been possible:

Suzanne Wilder, Karlie Dunsky, Nathan Smith, Kathryn Tutkus, Greg Alm, Joe Shultz, Tom Weiss, Beth Tabor, Samantha Laws-Rodriguez & Brad Hartig, Jeff Whitehead, Jodie Moss, Victoria Sprung, Brandy Burkhardt, Matt Loch, Mary A. Brown, Kim Serafin, Alessandra Santucci, Tim Pogo, Suzanne Miranda, Adam Bossov, Christa Beth Weiss, Alan Reis, Pam Dunsky, Dan DeMichele, Dan McInerney, Erik Kittlaus, Laura Hagensick, Dan Montes, Dan Goldstein, Jackie Sestak, Kiarash Zarezadeh, Echo Unit, Kevin Dunsky, Steven Anderson, Leighanna Hooper, Bonnie McNulty, Mike Hendzel, Lauren Cohen, Mike Davis, Tom Crestodina, Abe Barinholtz, Leslie Chiappetti, Russ Kotlicky, Rob Woodward, Cary Schencker, Alison Wagner, Ted Banick, Marfa Capodanno, Bill Taney, Robyn Moore, Simone Arthur, Eric , Daniel Tofters, Kelly Wey, and Kim Stewart.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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