the car rushed over the pothole and smashed into the orange and white traffic horse with the orange light on top. It flew into the next county. The driver reached over and opened up the glovebox… it clumped down and out fell a medication bottle and a cellphone. With his large hand the driver slammed the glove compartment closed just as he plowed through another traffic horse. Most everything was inconsequential. All that seemed to matter was not the speed…but the persistence of motion. moving…. just keep moving. the city buildings scrolled by on the left and the right and the buildings in the middle just got bigger and bigger. It was during these midnight drives where he found his peace- or as much as he was privy to anyway. He knew nobody had called, but he flipped open his cellphone to check nonetheless. He quietly clicked the handset shut then reached for the prescription bottle. Driving with his knees, his hands were free to negotiate the child-proof top. He dumped out two pills into his hand. One small white elliptical tablet and one brownish cylindrical pill. He threw them into his mouth both at once, then reached around into the backseat to find his water bottle. He chugged a sip and a half… just enough to swallow the medication then he recapped the water and threw it into the backseat behind the driver’s seat where it landed right next to a bottle of hand lotion. It was 3:07 according to the car’s stereo display. He quickly calculated the time until sunrise. 2 and a half to 3 hours away. He couldn’t stand being awake when the sky started to get bright. He had to get to bed long before then. He turned right onto Augusta then took Western north.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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