there is an empty sky. the kids in the coffeeshop are animated as usual. the loop’s wide open. shrouds of rumble come from above but nothing is visible. i lost it today, but what the hell. sorry. it’s difficult to keep an even head. i was crying in the shower- wishing the whole thing would turn out to be a bad dream. but still over the day my perceptions have shifted- what at 9:45am looked like the end of the world at 9:45pm looks like just a horrible terrorist attack. it’s all so… something.


Can’t Stop The Now...

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Electric guitar instrumentalists never have been at the forefront of the rock music scene. Although widely respected, musicians such as John Mclaughlin, Carlos Santana –

RECORDING MAGAZINE: Stop Listening to Worry

Artist: William Is (feat. Deon Malik™) Title: Stop Listening to Worry Genre: Post-Rock Rating: 5/5 Equipment Ableton Live 11 Suite, Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII, Focusrite Scarlett

I’m Serious.

I used to have a problem. I always thought to get a great sounding recording, I had to be in a ‘real’ studio. It’s because