William Is

An American Multimedia Artist

William Is: the new incarnation of Chicago multimedia artist William Steffey. His music production career began at the age of 11 when he received a Tascam 244 multitrack cassette recorder as a gift from his father, a music industry sales rep. In 2021, after releasing 16 albums in the post-modern rock style, he sealed the lid on the 200+ song William Steffey catalog.

Listen Every Day is the debut of William Is, and offers a wildly entertaining trip through the worlds of Ambient, EDM, Grunge, Jazz, and Classical constructed with music theory and production techniques William developed using the mathematics of the Golden Ratio, the Platonic Solids, and Binaural Dream Waves.

Keep your ears out for William’s single: STOP LISTENING TO WORRY featuring Deon Malik™. The track also includes Tim Koelling (Pink Monkey, Airport Hookers, Band Called Catch) on saxophone, and Dylan Ryan ( Sand, Man Man, Tim Kasher) on drums.