Day 2: Song I’ll Always Play At Full Volume

For Day #2 of the Vocalo Song Challenge, here’s a song that I always (always) play at full volume.

Back when Spotify began, I created a personal playlist called “Prozac” which included songs to get me off my ass and help me rock throughout the day. Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” is a cornerstone of that collection, which I really do play LOUD. Today I’ve made this playlist public, as well as collaborative. Feel free to add a song or two that gets you in the zone!

I’ve realized lately I had suffered major depression for over a decade… I’m 1000% better now, but during those times I could barely keep my head up- literally. I remember being a total zombie at work, sleeping in my car before my shift began. I remember being groggy at family gatherings, expecting friction from those who love me most-and naturally finding/creating it. I really believed that was all there was to life.

BUT, I find the more I allow myself to follow my passions, and surround myself with friends that support me in these endeavors (and believe me- many people around me before did not), the more I feel comfortable in my own skin. Another thing I thought was totally impossible.

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Tues Apr 28: Song best listened to at 3AM
Wed Apr 29: Song discovered in Quarantine
Thurs Apr 30 Song I’ll always know the lyrics to
Fri May 1: Song by a Chicago artist
Sat May 2: Song in a different language
Sun May 3: Song I’ll Karaoke with no shame
Mon May 4: Song I’d listen to on the L
Tues May 5: Song that makes me think of summer
Wed May 6: Song from the last concert I went to
Thurs May 7: Song from my favorite artist
Fri May 8: Song with incredible lyrics
Sat May 9: Song that defined 2019

Can’t Stop The Now...

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