Tread (3:30)

APPEARS ON: Roadstar (2023)

It was just like yesterday
I remember when we
Tooled down to the wharf to take that helicopter ride

As I fingered hearts into the spirals of your hand we watched
The last of the sealife forms crawl their way onto the sand

The bucketholders arrive!
From certain solitude comes balance fair
Deep crankin’ seal cut jive on me
That’s what you came here for
Big easy surprise: postponed

It was the springtime of my purity
When every night was the end of the world
Underneath that infant moon
The crush of the upper-worlds altitude Christmas
Coin by coin I cashed in the kingdom for my consciousness

The bucketholders arrive!
And killed the chess guru from planet nine
Conquering at the same time all three plastic atmospheres
Right before our eyes with love

I’ll take you all the way
I’ll take you all the way
I’ll take you all the way
I’ll take you all the way

The bucketholders arrive!
With seashells in the speakers and skatefish on the grill
By the time August arrives
We’ll be safe at home

William Wadsworth Steffey [trumpet]
David R. Torrey [Mastering Engineer]

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Song Notes

The song Tread explores the dawning human consciousness using the analogy of arthropods crawling from the sea 420 million years ago.

“Water to me has always represented the unconscious. Our dawning age is witnessing the ascent of humans from literal interpretations of the various myths that have kept the human spirit harnessed for millennia. Tread is the theme song of the Aquarian Age. The image of the Aquarian is the ‘water carrier’: he or she who has captured- and harnessed- the power of their unconscious energy.” – William Is

The bridge section of this song features a sample of a trumpet riff from the 1975 “U.S. News and World Report Dixieland Invitational” album. The riff was played by William’s grandfather, William Wadsworth Steffey.





David R. Torrey, William Wadsworth Steffey

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