Timetable Stitch (4:42)

I let this angel fuck things up again
Trapped tween
The skate and the south wind

She sings contemporary’s mind
The kind that throws me back in time
Or should i say it tries
For the sake of tolerance
There’s poison mixed with faith
But Venus on her virtue’s course
The sun a cloud she makes

And as the true sun climbs
It bends the shadows backwards
Across the rock dial now
The light beats down the blackbirds

Words just pull things…

In the dark I stumbled on the ladder
And like a switch I’m sensing 7 steps
Venus is stuck on rung number 1
She keeps her children safely under
Get it?

Orion’s dotted waist marks the pathway to my sandy place
The pad to my home
Jacob is waiting on the strip
And Noah’s on the phone

And as timetable’s stitched
These wings can flap together
And now this wristwatch’s fixed
Prepare for nasty weather

Words just pull things…

Something so poetic bout you
(I watch you dancing through spindles)
Handling a horse named Cosmo
(I watch you)
Something so pretty
(I watch you swim)
Bout the stars wrapped round your head
(Swim in wave, wave, wave)

Où est ma sœur qui vit sous la grande mer?
And now this Jung clock’s locked and
Words just pull things backwards

Brett Steffey [blowmelodian]

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Rough Draft

Song Notes

William learned how to sing the lyric “Words just pull things backwards” backwards, then flipped the cassette tape over so the lyric would be reversed- now intelligible speech, but backwards-sounding. David Lynch uses this same effect in his Twin Peaks series.

Brett Steffey, William’s brother. plays a small plastic toy called a “blowmelodian” on the bridge section of the song.


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