The Synaptic Lesson (3:52)

APPEARS ON: Go Figure (1990)

Hold on to what you’ve got
Hold on tight and don’t let go
That’s two cents worth of sage advice
A two cent pill for the pain of change

A solid foothold on a slip-slide slope
A foothold named consistency

But don’t hold on to that constant thing
Don’t cling to your security
Listen to me cause I have learned
That change is the one consistency

What can be done with the time
What is left that we can trust
Life is a war of a special kind
It’s a war that can be won

We are the army and change is the enemy
Or so that’s what we want to think

So don’t get down don’t crawl around
Don’t flounder under the deep black sea
Listen to me cause I have learned
That life is Pyrrhic victory

Andrew Weiss [lyrics, vocals]
William [guitar, bass, programming]
Jim Berry [trumpets, voice]

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Rough Draft



Andrew J. Weiss, Jim Berry

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