Gavel (5:14)

I used to think i was immortal
Until it threw me down
Scraped knees and locked up for the rational sound

For 25 long years it kept me going round
I’d bring it up and bring it back down
I used to think I was immortal
But now I know for sure

And if you say you gotta go- well
You know I’d never blame ya
But when faced with honest love you just run

Gavel is your guillotine

You know I hate it when you swing that thing around
It scares the hell out of me
Inverse and fear driven judgementality

It’s the theme for a dying star
What you think you are
It’s the theme for a dying star
What you really are

And when you said you had to go- well
You know I never blamed ya
Bad things come in groups of one

Gavel is your guillotine

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