Charlie (4:43)

You were the heroic man
Forced to fashion map to end
The undying search for evidence
The world could hold your soul

Passion’s quest: self-validation
Handing forthright your salvation:

With Ireland under wing you knew
That spilt-second proved
That every crazy thought you ever had was true
And you were too

As you rise the trees turn to
Bushes and barns to little children’s toys
These are your words Charlie
This was your liberation

You took off amidst the cries of fool
Then Paris caught you in a pool of flashbulbs
Coolidge shipped you back home and soon you would find
That it could never be your home again
What sorry lesson did your soul learn
When after something you did for you
The people went and claimed you?
For the move to free yourself you became the prize possession
As you laid shackled
They took away your little boy

But this was long ago
Now you’re in the sky where you’ve always felt the best
You are in your favorite place forever

As you rose the trees turned to bushes
Your selfish fans to silly buzzing flies
You are the sky now Charlie
You are the sky now Charlie
This is your liberation

Susannah Belle Burns [clarinet]

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Rough Draft


Susannah Belle Burns

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